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Optical Computing – Nanomaterials With Silicon Developed

In a development that could boost optical or light-based computing, a group of Indian scientists has developed a photodetector

Nanomaterial from Seaweed make carbon-based cleaning process Green

Treatment of wastewater containing industrial dyes and toxic heavy metals is a major environmental problem, as the available treatment

Nanomaterial that can create Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater

In a breakthrough, scientists have developed a new nanomaterial that uses solar energy to generate hydrogen from seawater, producing


Rubbery Nano-material That Could Replace Human Tissue

Amferia, a start up that plans to commercialize a rubbery nano-material invention that seamlessly integrates with the human body

Faster Way To Fabricate Flexible Micro-supercapacitors

Flexible, lightweight and highly efficient micro-supercapacitors have been developed by Indian scientists, for potential use in advanced miniaturized digital

Nitrogen Economy : The End Of Fossil Fuel

Nitrogen really prefers to stay in the form of nitrogen gas — N2, though plants are capable of breaking

Making Construction Environment Friendly

Scientists at the University of Exeter in the UK just came up with a greener, stronger concrete using graphene which

Indian scientists develop world’s thinnest material : Nanosheet

How thin can the thinnest material be? It can be as thin as 100,000 times thinner than a sheet

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