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New Glass Battery = 3X Lithium Battery Power

A patent application for a ‘new glass battery’ has been submitted by a team headed by John Goodenough the


Samsung Discovers 800 Km Range EV Battery Chemistry

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a solid-state battery technology that provides a range of electric vehicles

A New Lithium-Ion Cell Outperforms Solid-State Batteries

For years, the Holy Grail of battery research has been making solid-state battery cells that replace the liquid electrolyte

John Goodenough’s Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery

John Goodenough invented the lithium-ion battery. He has never won the Nobel Prize for creating the basic building block

Toyota Solid-State Battery Tech Could Be Game-Changer For EVs

Despite the company’s solid-state battery technology potentially being a “game changer” in the plug-in electric vehicle sector, Toyota will

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