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eMotorWerks Creates 30 MW Virtual Energy Storage Battery

Enel X’s eMotorWerks has successfully deployed a 30 megawatt / 70 megawatt-hour virtual energy storage battery load comprised of

flow battery

Flow Battery That Won’t Need Replacement For 25 Years

A new version of a redox flow battery is being developed at the University of Southern California which is

UK Creates First ‘virtual power station’ Using Domestic Panels

UK Power Networks has announced it intends to launch London’s first ‘virtual power station’ using only domestic solar panels

Tesla To Construct Virtual Solar Power Plant

Australia — with its abundant sunshine — has already been a leader in rooftop solar, but the country also

Sonnen Gets Fresh Investment Of $70 Million

The German solar energy startup sonnen is bringing in €60 million ($70 million) of investment from Shell. To date,


Volkswagen Factories Are Testing New Bi-Directional DC Wall Chargers

Volkswagen has begun testing a new prototype EV wall charger that operates on direct current and is capable of

Renault Dacia Spring Electric.

Renault- Taking Up The Zero Emission Challenge

The French automaker, Renault held a virtual event named “Renault eWays”, during which it unveiled a sleek new electric

Volkswagen ID.3 Travels 531 Kms On A Single Charge

A stock ID.3 First Pro Performance equipped with a 58 kWh battery was driven from the factory in Zwickau,

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