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Lunaz – Creating Perfect EVs From 1961…

UK-based Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion company, Lunaz is making interesting and exciting EVs by converting classic cars. The aim


Rivian – Tesla’s Worst Nightmare Has Come To Life

Rivian, the American electric start-up that has the potential to be even more influential than Tesla. The little-heralded electric

electric car

What To Do When An Electric Car Runs ‘Out Of Battery’

Though electric car sales are yet to take off, the recent launch of Tata Nexon EV in the sub-Rs.

wind energy

Indian Wind Energy Segment Is Dying Due To Government Apathy

The Indian manufacturers in the wind energy industry have been a forerunner in the development of wind energy sector. Strong


Believe Me! 25 Times More Hydrogen Fuel Can Be Extracted From Rust

A new and very economical way to extract hydrogen fuel has been discovered by Tokyo University of Science in


Recycling Of Wind Turbine Blades Is Possible & Commercially Viable

We know wind power is generated via massive fiberglass blades, each of which can be longer than a Boeing

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