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Good News- Ozone Layer Is Healing

The ozone layer above Antarctica has recovered so much, it’s actually stopped many worrying changes in the Southern Hemisphere’s

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Is ‘Low Cost’ Approach To Renewable Energy, Killing It?

The ‘low cost’ approach to economic growth is precipitating a shakedown, forcing businesses in telecom, power, roads, renewable energy and


Right To Repair – “Let’s End Throwaway Culture”

Right To Repair could end the “throwaway” culture that many around the world have adopted when it comes to


Falling Crude Prices – A Threat To Clean Energy Transition

The historic fall in crude prices is putting a downward pressure on the appetite for a cleaner energy transition


₹53 Cr. Chennai’s Local Drinking Water Source Project To Be Functional From June 2020

Chennai Metrowater’s ambitious pilot projects to add more local drinking water sources and also implement indirect use of reclaimed


Czinger 21C – World’s First 3D Printed Hypercar

The Czinger 21C isn’t just another boutique hypercar. It demonstrates a new way of building cars. The 21C’s construction


Samsung Discovers 800 Km Range EV Battery Chemistry

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a solid-state battery technology that provides a range of electric vehicles


Small HydroPower Projects Are On A Decline

Small hydropower (SHP) projects were not always low on the government’s agenda, but since the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)

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