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Good News- Ozone Layer Is Healing

The ozone layer above Antarctica has recovered so much, it’s actually stopped many worrying changes in the Southern Hemisphere’s


Clariter- Transforming Plastic Waste Into Sustainable Wax, Oil, Solvents

Clariter, an international company with a home base in Israel has figured out a new industrial process that transforms

Is COVID-19 Really More Serious Than Climate Change?

COVID-19 quickly appeared and quickly spread. Countries are having to go to extreme lengths to fight the virus and

NOAA – February 2020 Is The 2nd Hottest In 141 Years

According to scientists at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, February 2020 has been ranked as the second-hottest February

Air Pollution Is Significantly Down, Due To Corona Lockdown

Levels of air pollution over some cities and regions are showing significant drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel.

low cost

Is ‘Low Cost’ Approach To Renewable Energy, Killing It?

The ‘low cost’ approach to economic growth is precipitating a shakedown, forcing businesses in telecom, power, roads, renewable energy and

palm oil

Palm Oil Is Burning Indonesia, Quite Literally

The demand for palm oil is burning Indonesia, quite literally. In order for us to have our margarine, or

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