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Lunaz – Creating Perfect EVs From 1961…

UK-based Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion company, Lunaz is making interesting and exciting EVs by converting classic cars. The aim


Clariter- Transforming Plastic Waste Into Sustainable Wax, Oil, Solvents

Clariter, an international company with a home base in Israel has figured out a new industrial process that transforms

Biodegradable Folding Smartphone Screens From Fish Scales

Researchers at Nanjing Tech University have developed a method of converting fish scales into bendable biodegradable screens. They thought

Azelio – Using A 200 Year Old Invention For Energy Storage

A new renewable energy startup named Azelio, has come up with a low-cost, zero-emission storage solution to the thorny


Rubbery Nano-material That Could Replace Human Tissue

Amferia, a start up that plans to commercialize a rubbery nano-material invention that seamlessly integrates with the human body


Believe Me! 25 Times More Hydrogen Fuel Can Be Extracted From Rust

A new and very economical way to extract hydrogen fuel has been discovered by Tokyo University of Science in


Samsung Discovers 800 Km Range EV Battery Chemistry

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a solid-state battery technology that provides a range of electric vehicles

ultium battery system

New Ultium Battery System Revealed By GM

General Motors (GM) presented the company’s flexible Ultium battery system thus laying out its multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy —

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