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Is COVID-19 Really More Serious Than Climate Change?

COVID-19 quickly appeared and quickly spread. Countries are having to go to extreme lengths to fight the virus and


Falling Crude Prices – A Threat To Clean Energy Transition

The historic fall in crude prices is putting a downward pressure on the appetite for a cleaner energy transition

wind energy

Indian Wind Energy Segment Is Dying Due To Government Apathy

The Indian manufacturers in the wind energy industry have been a forerunner in the development of wind energy sector. Strong


Climate Adaptation Means Finding Answers For “What If & How Bad?”

Climate adaptation encompasses a wide array of actions that help people and nature cope with the present-day harms of

plastic free

It Is Possible To Go “Plastic Free”…

It is possible to go “plastic free,” the coastal town of Penzance, in England is showing us how to

Globally, Renewable Energy Is Growing At 8% Annually, For Last 6 Years

Renewable energy is growing faster than any other form of power, more than 8 percent annually for the past 6


Mitigation & Adaptation Can Go Hand-In-Hand

Climate actions have often fallen into one of two strategies: mitigation efforts to lower or remove greenhouse gas emissions,

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