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blue planet

Blue Planet Gets US$25 Million In Funding From Nomura

Singapore-headquartered Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd (Blue Planet) today announced it has raised US$25 million from Nomura, Asia’s


Cleancult – A Green Way Of Cleaning The Household

Cleancult is a company that is creating household cleaning products that do NOT contain noxious chemicals and are also


Recycling Of Wind Turbine Blades Is Possible & Commercially Viable

We know wind power is generated via massive fiberglass blades, each of which can be longer than a Boeing


Managing Batteries In The Era Of e-Mobility

The growth in deployments of lithium batteries will inevitably create a large flow of retired or used batteries. Today

plastic free

It Is Possible To Go “Plastic Free”…

It is possible to go “plastic free,” the coastal town of Penzance, in England is showing us how to


Coke and Pepsi Are Knowingly Lying About Recycling

Coke, Pepsi and several other big plastic polluters are getting sued for lying about their products’ recyclability and clogging


Soon, Replaceable Batteries In Smart Devices A Must For Selling In EU

European Union (EU) is looking for ways to take a harder stance against electronic waste. A draft plan reveals

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