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Rivian – Tesla’s Worst Nightmare Has Come To Life

Rivian, the American electric start-up that has the potential to be even more influential than Tesla. The little-heralded electric


$17 Billion Went To Electric Vehicle Segment In 2019

It seems like Electric Vehicle (EV) segment has become the new tech market for all types of investors. Besides


Tesla Seems To Be Working On A New Battery Chemistry

Tesla has long been a leader on EV batteries, for years seeming to have a significantly lower cost (cost


Volkswagen Thanks Tesla For Starting The EV Revolution

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess was all in praise for Tesla at the World Economic Forum event. He said, “I think

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Check Out ;-) How Electric Vehicles Handle -36°Celsius Extreme Cold

A common issue that people have debated regarding Electric Vehicles (EVs) is how they handle extremely cold temperatures. The


Forget Tesla, Volkswagen Will Be World’s Largest EV Manufacturer…

Consulting firm Wood Mackenzie says in its latest report that Volkswagen is on pace to be the largest manufacturer

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Does A Tesla Create More Pollution Than A Conventional Car?

“Is it true that a Tesla creates more pollution than a conventional car?” It is part of the propaganda


Great, Tesla Delivers 367,500 Vehicles, Grows 50% Over 2018

On 3rd Jan 2020, Tesla released its Q4 2019 vehicle production and deliveries results, delivering an all time record

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