climate change

In this era of extreme weather events, it is quite apt to discuss the issues and challenges of climate change at micro, meso and macro level with sole objective to achieve sustainability in terms of environment. Following this, Department of Geography, SS Jain Subodh PG college,  Jaipur, Rajasthan organized nationalContinue Reading

Microsoft and Qcells Form Strategic Partnership for Clean Energy Economy

Hanwha Solutions, located in Seoul and the owner of Qcells, will work with Microsoft to develop renewable energy capacity estimated at 2.5 gigatonnes of solar panels and related services – enough to power over 400,000 homes. Furthermore, it will provide panels as well as engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) servicesContinue Reading

Karl Marx

According to a Japanese researcher whose book on Marxism and the environment has become a surprise bestseller, the climate catastrophe will spiral out of control unless the world applies “emergency brakes” to capitalism and devises a “new way of living.” Kohei Saito, an associate professor at Tokyo University, has aContinue Reading

Green Steel

HYBRIT and H2 Green Steel have begun initiatives in Sweden with the goal of producing 10 million tonnes (mt) of fossil-free crude (green) steel per year by 2030. To manufacture green steel, green hydrogen is required; to manufacture green hydrogen, inexpensive renewable energy is required. According to HYBRIT and H2Continue Reading


As a pioneer of zero-emission vehicles, Nissan has been working to reduce CO2 emissions and create environmental and social value through the commercialization of electrification and autonomous driving technologies. Nissan began a field test of new mobility services today as part of a partnership to promote future community building in Japan.Continue Reading


Since 2006, batteries and waste batteries have been regulated at EU level under the Batteries Directive (2006/66/EC). A modernization of the framework is necessary because of changed socioeconomic conditions, technological developments, markets, and battery uses. The European Commission proposes to modernize EU legislation on batteries, delivering its first initiative among theContinue Reading


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $2.5 million technical assistance (TA) to support advanced (second-generation) biofuel development in India. Second-generation biofuels can be produced from non-edible sources like agricultural residue, municipal solid waste, and used cooking oil. They can be used as bioethanol, biogas, and biodiesel for energy,Continue Reading


For the first time the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has finally acknowledged climate change as a factor that drives refugees away from their homes. The report, published last week, specifically states that “interplay between climate, conflict, hunger, poverty, and persecution creates increasingly complex emergencies.” They found thatContinue Reading