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Do Electric Cars Use More Energy, Overall, Than Fuel-Based Cars ?

There’s a common idea that electric cars use up more energy, overall, than fuel-based cars. More energy to manufacture,


Busting EV Range Myth – By Driving Mumbai To Delhi In MG ZS

We often hear people complaining about not having enough range in an Electric Vehicle (EV) and as such they


CEVA : Migrating Corporate Fleets To Electric

Ceres, a nonprofit investor coalition, has brought together a dozen major names in the world of business and formed

Hyundai: Educating Consumers To Buy Electric Vehicles

According to a survey conducted for Hyundai by OnePoll, which interviewed 2,000 drivers of gasoline, diesel, and alternatively powered

5 EV Wireless Charging Myths Busted

Alex Gruzen, the CEO of WiTricity, is as passionate about wireless charging as Elon Musk is about electric cars.

10 Myths & Criticisms Of Electric Cars Explored & Exploded

New ideas always make us nervous at first. Airplanes and automobiles were once considered dangerous but now are part

electric vehicles

Does A Tesla Create More Pollution Than A Conventional Car?

“Is it true that a Tesla creates more pollution than a conventional car?” It is part of the propaganda

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