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Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Must Be Protected From Climate Change

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s greatest carbon sinks, and it is home to a vast array

ENvironmental Peacebuilding

Environmental Peacebuilding Is Resolving Conflicts Caused By Climate Change

Environmental cooperation is increasingly being utilized to resolve local problems induced by global warming. Environmental peacebuilding (EP) advocates argue


New – Is Cricket Viable in the Face of Climate Change?

Climate change / crises is having a significant impact on both sportsperson and sports, particularly if the sport of

valley fever

New – Valley Fever Fungus Is Also Being Fed By Climate Change

Natural catastrophes like as fires, floods, and record-breaking heat waves in 2022 are obvious expressions of climate change; nevertheless,

climate change

New Study – Climate Change Is Making Our Nights Warmer

While climate change is making our days hotter, the fingerprints of climate change are more visible at night than

climate change

Climate Change Is Wreaking Havoc On The Colorado River Basin

The Colorado River is witnessing a climate-induced reckoning. The seven US states that rely on the river for water

climate change

New Study – Climate Change Is Likely To Increase Infectious Diseases

As if the repercussions of climate change weren’t already devastating, a disturbing new study discovered that greenhouse gas-driven climate

climate change

Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Predicted…

Millions of people are now directly affected by the consequences of climate change. This summer’s blistering heat waves have

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