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Breakthrough – A Genetically Modified Rice That Thrives On Less Nitrogen Fertilizer

In many places of the world, rice is the principal staple crop. Modern agriculture relies on fertilizer, and much

Gene editing Plant

Can Gene Edited Plants Prevent Climate Change?

To avoid dangerous levels of global warming, scientists say simply stopping burning fossil fuels that release carbon into the


Virus Will Be Building Batteries…In Future

MIT bioengineering professor Angela Belcher has been working with millions of zombie viruses on a battery-building technology for a

Bacteria’s Dye For Harnessing Sunlight

University of British Colombia used the bacteria of plants, which is responsible for photosynthesis, to collect solar energy. The

Bacteria-Powered Solar Cell, Works Under Overcast Skies Too

Scientist have discovered a low-cost and sustainable way to build a solar cell using bacteria, that can harvest energy

Is Organic Food Really Better?

You might end up choosing the organic tomatoes over the conventional ones in a supermarket. They’re twice the price,

Geo-engineering Soil- a new Green Hope

Geo-engineering is a hot topic today. (No pun intended.) People are coming up with all sorts of geo-engineering ideas

Cyborg bacteria can harvest solar energy to produce fuel

Scientists have created cyborg bacteria – microbes covered with tiny, highly efficient solar panels – that are better than

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