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New Evidence – Exxon Scientists Knew About Global Warming for Decades

A team of international academics discovered in a devastating new report that experts hired by multinational oil and gas

Wind power

Wind Power Is On Track To Limit Global Warming To Less Than 1.5°C

According to a recent article from UK energy forecasters Rethink Energy, 2021 annual installations of global wind power capacity

Global warming

Global Warming Can Kill Tardigrades Too

Tardigrades are arguably the most resilient creatures in the known universe — and even they might not be able

Still Not Clear: How Will Global Warming Affect El Niño In The 21st Century?

El Niño is the largest climate phenomenon that occurs frequently, producing droughts, floods, wildfires, dust and snow storms, fish

Brown To Green Report Sees A Global Warming Of 3.2˚C By 2030

According to a new report published this week by Climate Transparency entitled Brown to Green: The G20 Transition to a Low-Carbon

Global Warming Impacts On India Will Be Huge: IPCC

The latest report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), formally released on Monday, warns that global

Global Warming : Arctic Lakes Releasing CO2 And Methane

In the past, when a carbon-based life form — such as an animal or plant — died in the

Warming planet

Is Warming Planet Responsible For Extreme Weather Globally?

685,000 Americans are subject to mandatory evacuation orders this week — 385,000 in Texas, 200,000 in Louisiana, and 100,000

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